The 1irstcoin token, FST

The 1irstcoin token, FST, has been able to capture an ROI of over 400 percent from February 2019 until today. Our token is one of the present winners of the blockchain community. Investors can now purchase our popular token directly through our website. We offer interesting bonus programs.

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In cooperation with, we can offer the exchange of our FST tokens in over 120 currencies, including FIAT currencies. With this we have taken the next step in the diversification of our assets for our investors.

In cooperation with one of the leading crpyto exchanges,, our tokens will soon be presented at a so-called IEO and offered for sale to a broader community.

Apart from these, the 1irstgold project will soon be launched on the market. In this way, we open up access to an area that has not yet been opened up on the blockchain level, because the exchange of a token in physically available gold is definitely a unique feature.

We are facing very exciting times and are inviting risk-taking investors to this journey.