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For us, the motto is, be the best or you are nothing!

We, the 1irstcoin LLC, have created one of the best global applications for decentralized cryptocurrency trading with our crypto-aggregator. The users of our application can procure decentralized in the easiest way more than 85 crypto currencies, or intersect with each other via our application.

The user only has to trust himself, because our applications only serve as a tool. It does not require an account opening or the disclosure of confidential data,

It is a revolution. The algorithm behind our application also provides its users with the currency they want at the best price by filtering the best prices at countless tradingvenues and crypto currency exchanges and linking them together.

It is simply the invention of the wheel for the second time, only this time in the financial industry.

Measured? Not at all. 1irstcoin LLC is groundbreaking and unique.

Visit us on our new website and explore the many possibilities and new freedoms yourself.

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We are pleased to present our new logo …

Dear community and friends,

we are pleased to present our new logo and we hope you enjoy it as much as we like it.

We will also be presenting our new website shortly, as we are accompanied by too much content that no longer matches our adapted business model.

In the coming days we will start an offensive on news, or rather, a firework of news will accompany us at the end of the year.

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We are proud to announce …

We are proud to announce, that from the 14th of October 2019 our token 1irst, short, -FST- on the vindax crypto currency exchange under the pairings USDT and BTC are tradable.

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1irstcoin LLC announces change of the old tokencontract to the 19th sep. 2019

1irstcoin LLC announces change of the old tokencontract to the 19th sep. 2019. The old contract with the number 0xaacc1c5af6d46a374428beaecf90948ec5322ea3, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, loses its validity. The new 1irst (FST) tokens are listed under the contract number 0x310c93dfc1c5e34cdf51678103f63c41762089cd based on ERC20 standard at the Ethereum Blockchain. We point out that every user of our cryptocurrency has to check the contractual circumstances on his own responsibility and always has to be convinced of the validity independently before a transfer of 1irst (FST).

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1irstcoin LLC: Dcoin & VinDAX announce 1irst (FST) listing to open up markets in the Far East (news with additional features)

Dcoin & VinDAX are among the world’s top 30 crypto currency exchanges, focusing on the existing markets in the Far East.The Asian markets in the Far East are regarded as the strongest selling fields for cryptocurrencies and the associated financial instruments worldwide. Dcoin & VinDAX round off the trading offer alongside of the 1irst (FST) token as a successful addition.

Parallel to the listing process above, several delisting processes of the 1irst (FST) token are carried out on unregulated crypto currency exchanges that do not meet the requirements of the KYC standard and to the AML law. With that, 1irstcoin LLC clears the way to becoming one of the top 200 cryptocurrencies. The new rules of (CMC) requires exactly these conditions for a so-called top ranking. This includes on the one hand the sales strength, as well as a listing on at least three trading places with references and appropriate standards. The aim of 1irstcoin LLC is to create an attractive and regulated environment for new and existing investors and to be listed on the Okex cryptocurrency exchange as planned. Okex is globally regarded as a Tier1 cryptocurrency exchange with extremely high liquidity and best reputation.

It is expected that by the end of the year the majority of all cryptocurrencies will not be able to meet the new requirements and emerging regulations. This circumstance is regarded by 1irstcoin as an opportunity and consistently driven by the restructuring of its own structures. The management of 1irstcoin LLC believes that a healthy market shakeout will increase the transparency and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in general. The idea of ​​indexing cryptocurrencies on the model of existing stock exchanges serves the spotlight on it and thus improves the valuability for investors.

Kutaissi, the 17th of September 2019

Peter Sommer
Director and Founder
1irstcoin LLC

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1irstcoin LLC is consistently making it`s way to becoming a global player.

1irstcoin LLC is consistently making it`s way to becoming a global player. New rules require decisions, so we decided to delist our 1irst (FST) token on all crypto currency exchanges, if they do not respect KYC and AML rules. 1irstcoin is taking this step to pave the way for important investors who can only invest in 1irstcoin under compliance rules.

In order to get back into the top 200 ranks of (cmc), new regulations have also been made. Therefore, we will be listed on two other Top 30 crypto currency exchanges within the next 10 days. In addition to the cryptocurrency exchange, we will be also listed at Dcoin and VinDAX. This paves the way for our targeted listing on the Tier1 cryptocurrency exchange Okex, because without these necessary steps a listing or the admission of top investors will be impossible.

We refer again to the upcoming swap of our existing token contract. The exchange of the contract and the distribution of the new tokens is completely automated. There are no barriers or restrictions after an exchange. All known crypto currency exchanges where our token will be listed will be available without any restriction.

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