We are pleased to announce that we have been able to hire SEAN BRIZENDINE as our Senior Advisor. SEAN is one of the Bockchain pioneers and one of the best players on the market with more than 50 successful rollouts.

SEAN BRIZENDINE is assigned directly to the management and will advise the team in the following areas:

1. Rating and company evaluation 
2. Investor management and support from a volume of one million FST tokens
3. Speakers at financial fairs
4. Adviser to the management
5. Product development

Juli 31st, 2019|

Next step

It’s time for the next step to reach the next level on the rise to the moon…


Juli 16th, 2019|

GOLD goes public

It’s time, GOLD goes public and you can be part of it.

The GOLD token is the first token that can be exchanged for physical gold. Apart from this feature, the GOLD Token can be traded in a couple of days on the prestigious and EU regulated crypto currency exchange

Our gold token is based on the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each token embodies the value of one garmm of finegold. The GOLD Token can be exchanged for physical gold with a minimum of 100 tokens at selected Gold Dealers at any time.

We are different, because we create a New Gold Standard.

Be part of it.

Juli 15th, 2019|

Exploring the Block

It’s going to be exciting at the set from “Exploring the Block” … in July 19 at Bloomberg NY we will continue the story … and shortly thereafter the first cut on FOX and Bloomberg will be broadcast as a story about our Blockchain activities…

Juni 27th, 2019|

Our cooperation with

Hello my friends,

our cooperation with will be followed by around 24,000 dealers and shops worldwide. A great day for our company. We are perceived as a real alternative to existing currencies. It is a further aspect for the owners of our FST token to hold and to expand.

Juni 27th, 2019|

The 1irstcoin token, FST

The 1irstcoin token, FST, has been able to capture an ROI of over 400 percent from February 2019 until today. Our token is one of the present winners of the blockchain community. Investors can now purchase our popular token directly through our website. We offer interesting bonus programs.

Check it out under:

In cooperation with, we can offer the exchange of our FST tokens in over 120 currencies, including FIAT currencies. With this we have taken the next step in the diversification of our assets for our investors.

In cooperation with one of the leading crpyto exchanges,, our tokens will soon be presented at a so-called IEO and offered for sale to a broader community.

Apart from these, the 1irstgold project will soon be launched on the market. In this way, we open up access to an area that has not yet been opened up on the blockchain level, because the exchange of a token in physically available gold is definitely a unique feature.

We are facing very exciting times and are inviting risk-taking investors to this journey.

Juni 24th, 2019|

Hello friends and customers,

since today you can buy GOLD tokens online on our website. In conjunction with, we are able to change our GOLD tokens into over 120 currencies. All this online and without a visit to a gold dealer or bank. Anonymous and secure. There is no better asset storage compared to our GOLD token. Our token is the first to provide physical delivery, not just the go ld reference price. There are no more risks in custody and the costs are eliminated as well. Just try it out, it will bring new sheen to your asset structure. Gold is no longer boring with us, it awakens to a secure crypto asset. the maximum volatility is the price fluctuation of the gold price itself. If you have collected at least 100 GOLD tokens you can swap them into physical gold at any time. A gold token equals one gram of fine gold. We open up completely new possibilities on the capital market.

Juni 24th, 2019|

Today from the Nasdaq Market TV Studios in New York.

The prelude to an entire series on the projects of 1irstcoin LLC. The “Exploring the Block” format reaches more than 95 million consumers globally on the network with FOX Media, CNBC and Bloomberg.

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Mai 22nd, 2019|

“Exploring The Block,” a “New To The Street” TV Show Announces Upcoming Show Times and Taping Commencements

Monday, May 20, 2019, “New To The Street” welcomes  CEO 1rstcoin, LLC (Symbol: FST), who films his first introductory interview for an extended special series on his company.  Peter Sommer states, “I’m totally satisfied to be able to present our company in these series on ‘Exploring the Block.’ 1irstcoin LLC will receive now the necessary attention due to its unique business model.”

Peter Sommer’s interview about 1rstcoin airs within 30 days on all “Exploring The Block” TV networks.

Stephen Simon wishes to thank all parties that attended the last “New To The Street / Exploring The Block”  Business Day and Networking Luncheon. The monthly lunch and networking event held in New York City remains open to all interested parties. These events are HD taped and marketed for six months on all social media channels.

About 1irstcoin, LLC

1irstcoin LLC (Symbol: FST) operates one of the fastest, safest and most innovative trading sites for cryptocurrencies in the world.  They also operate the connected financial instruments as a licensed financial service provider. It has long stopped being a secret Blockchain, with its diverse applications, and is about to change the global interaction sustainably; and already changed it in many areas. With a potential trading volume of over 1.2 million trades per second, our trading platform is one of the world’s leading providers. Security and fair pricing are our references,


Mai 19th, 2019|

Bitcoin reaches almost $ 6,500 today on

The market is drying up, the prices are exploding! Sell ​​your Bitcoin only on reputable crypto exchanges! Decentralized and with bestprice guarantee!

Mai 10th, 2019|

Meet 1irstcoin at Exrates!

By connecting and implementing the order books of the leading crypto exchanges, the customer of 1irstcoin always receives the best rates for their cryptocurrencies with just one account.

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Mai 2nd, 2019|

FMW Media Works Provides Update on New TV Series With 1irst Coin, LLC (FST)

We proudly announce that from May 2019 we will be working with the renowned producer FMW Media Works Broadcasting Corp. to produce a TV series about our unique business model. The interview with our CEO, Mr. Peter Sommer, will be released live in the prime-time of the Nasdaq Market Site. This allows our business model to be presented on a global scale because the media content reaches over 95 million possible consumers worldwide. The program is part of the success series “exploring the block” of the FMW Media Group.

FMW Media Works Provides Update on New TV Series With 1irst Coin, LLC (FST), No Limit Coin (NLC2) and Bitior Cryptocurrency Exchange

April 30th, 2019|


We are proud to announce that 1irstcoin (FST) will soon be traded on, one of the leading exchanges for cryptocurrencies. We want to give the owners of 1irstcoin tokens access to new markets and we want to improve the tradability of our tokens. Exrates has a highly liquid exchange with affiliated communities and a great pool of traders, which will increase the profile of our company.

April 30th, 2019|

We are proud to announce that 1irstcoin (FST) will soon be tradable on, one of the leading exchanges for cryptocurrencies. According to coimarketcap, p2pb2b is currently among the 20 most frequented crypto currency exchanges in the world. We want to give owners of 1irstcoin tokens access to new markets and we want to improve the tradability of our tokens.

p2pb2b has a highly liquid exchange with affiliated communities and a great pool of traders, which will increase the profile of our company. With a listing on exrates and p2pb2b, we are accessing a trader community with a daily turnover of more than $ 700 million.

April 30th, 2019|