1irstcoin LLC or uses only the communication level in electronic transactions by email, with which we are available around the clock for 365 days per year. Depending on the qualification of your request, we will react to your respective request in person within an appropriate period of time, but after no more than 48 hours. Please note that all written correspondence must be in English and that only this will permit compliance with the indicated response period.

Written requests must be sent to our company and its representatives by mail:
1irstcoin LLC
World Trade Center WTC II
Route de Pre Bois 29
CH-1215 Geneva


Registered Office
1irstcoin LLC
Free Industrial Zone
Avtomshenebeli 88
4600 Kutaissi
Republik Georgien


Financial Service & Consulting Licence No. 0110/268
Company ID: 404565029
Supervisory Authority for the Free Industrial Zone Kutaissi:
Ministry of Finance, Republic of Georgien