We welcome you to the blockchain company of a new era. We open up a new horizon for you in your investment strategy and in the diversification of your assets. Security and fair pricing are our reference. Be part of it all and benefit from our unique customer program.

Peter Sommer, Director, 1irstcoin LLC

We, 1irstcoin LLC, welcome you to the world of Blockchain and would like to accompany you into a new era of our world of finance.

1irstcoin LLC operates one of the fastest, safest and most innovative trading sites for cryptocurrencies in the world. They also operate the connected financial instruments as a licensed financial service provider. It has long stopped being a secret that Blockchain, with its diverse applications, is about to sustainably change our global interaction; and that it already has changed it in many areas. Become part of this new era as a partner of our company. We see our customers as partners in this unique relationship model.

We are different. We are 1irstcoin.com

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