1irstcoin LLC is consistently making it`s way to becoming a global player. New rules require decisions, so we decided to delist our 1irst (FST) token on all crypto currency exchanges, if they do not respect KYC and AML rules. 1irstcoin is taking this step to pave the way for important investors who can only invest in 1irstcoin under compliance rules.

In order to get back into the top 200 ranks of coinmarketcap.com (cmc), new regulations have also been made. Therefore, we will be listed on two other Top 30 crypto currency exchanges within the next 10 days. In addition to the cryptocurrency exchange p2pb2b.io, we will be also listed at Dcoin and VinDAX. This paves the way for our targeted listing on the Tier1 cryptocurrency exchange Okex, because without these necessary steps a listing or the admission of top investors will be impossible.

We refer again to the upcoming swap of our existing token contract. The exchange of the contract and the distribution of the new tokens is completely automated. There are no barriers or restrictions after an exchange. All known crypto currency exchanges where our token will be listed will be available without any restriction.