The renowned and EU licensed exchange for cryptocurrencies issues a so-called IEO, Initial Exchange Offering, for 1irstcoin LLC. The addition of is intended to strengthen confidence in the business model of 1irstcoin LLC, as well as to make the products and services available to a wider audience. is one of the world’s top 20 crypto currency exchanges.

The token of 1irstcoin LLC, FST (1irst) has already reached a high position in the ranking at and is currently traded on average at a price of approximately 3.80 US Dollars.

In international comparison, the FST (1irst) token occupies a high rank and was able to achieve a ROI of over 1000% for it’s investor’s in the current financial year. The current IEO is intended to provide 1irstcoin LLC with a wider range of users and thus gain in attractiveness. To mark the occasion, the FST (1irst) token will be offered under the IEO at a subscription price of 2.85 US Dollar each. In addition, each buyer receives a one-time 50% bonus in the form of additional FST (1irst) tokens. All tokens will be transferred to the acquirers through after expiration of the IEO including the bonus payments. The tokens are not subject to any hold periods and are fully tradable upon receipt. A possible reference is limited to 3,000,000 tokens. The FST (1irst) token is already traded on several international crypto currency exchanges and is gaining in importance and popularity on a daily basis. A possible reference is made exclusively through the trading platform of

The IEO of 1irstcoin LLC ends on September, the 15th, 2019.