The launch of our 1irst FST token in March 2019 has given investors a ROI of over 800% since our token get listed and it has outperformed our expectations.

The FST (1irstcoin) token is based on the ERC20 standard of the Ethereum Blockchain protocol. This technology grants the owners of the FST token the highest level of security and speed of transmission and payment options with the FST token. The FST token is traded and maintained on various cryptocurrency exchanges, such as, an EU regulated and one oft he globally leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Further information about our FST (1irstcoin) token can be found at:

The FST (1irstcoin) token is highly valued by investors, because our cryptocurrency has several characteristics. On the one hand the direct value as a payment and settlement method, and on the other hand as an investment with the interest in a distribution of corporate income and ultimately as a value store. One calls this kind of Token also subject-specific “Hybrid Token”.

The number of FST (1irstcoin) tokens is strictly limited to 100,000,000. The FST (1irstcoin) token can neither be increased nor reduced in quantity. The shareholders of 1irstcoin LLC have decided by decision that with the launch of the FST (1irstcoin) token, 90% of the company’s profits will be paid to the owners of the FST (1irstcoin) token. This can be easily realized by the Blockchain protocol through a corresponding “Smart Contract”. No medium and no register provides greater transparency than the Blockchain itself. Future distributions will be made in ETH (Ethereum) cryptocurrency.

We are confident that the future of the financial industry will be transformed sustainably with Blockchain- Technology. Opinions differ on possible regulations, but this will not stop the development in this area. Regulations and uniform rules are certainly welcome, but you should not lose the decentralized idea. Decentralized means that the protocol, a huge database, is not on a server or a company, but is spread across many computers. There is nobody to whom this journal belongs. No authority, company or person has power over this journal. Each participant has the same access rights and possibilities. The Blockchain is a neutral system of information processing that belongs to nobody, not to manipulate or hack.

The transparency of the Blockchain, the journal or database, arises from the fact that the journal is constantly controlled by a network of so-called miners. These miners block, block by block, the information stored and share it on the network, where each participant has access to the same Blockchain.